Honeymoon Recap: Art

Warning! Possibly NSFW, lots of artwork with classical nudes coming up.

I am a designer, with a pretty good studio arts and art history background, so it’s no wonder I like to visit art museums. The surprise is that Ian, a very math-and-logic engineer type, LOVES art museums. So of course, on his first ever trip to Europe for our honeymoon, we had to fit in some of the art heavy hitters: the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Louvre Museum in Paris. There of course is art everywhere over there, but here are some highlights. Again, lots of pictures, so more info in captions, and click to view bigger versions.

Other honeymoon photo round-ups: Food, and Scenery.


Have you ever gotten to see one of your favorite pieces of art in person?

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Honeymoon Recap: Scenery

Ok, the scenery is by far the biggest category in my honeymoon photo recap series (if you missed Food, it’s here.). So I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking. There are captions on each one if you mouse over, and clicking will open up a lightbox viewer. Have you ever been to Europe? What’s your favorite place?  

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Book Review: Juliet

Juliet by Anne Fortier This was a recent pick for my local library’s book club. It tells the story of Julie, a modern-day descendant of one Giulietta Tolomei, the historical reality (as the book posits) behind Shakespeare’s fictional Juliet. It switches between Julie’s adventures in the present as she discovers this genealogical connection and comes to believe there may actually be a curse on two Italian families (‘a plague on both your houses’), and glimpses into the past that reveal the real story behind Romeo & Juliet. Overall, it was quite interesting. One part history, one part mysticism, one part […]

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