Florida Through a New Lens

One of the Christmas gifts I received this year was a new lens for my DSLR camera. The boy got me a 50mm 1.4f lens! We were in Florida over the holiday, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Verdict: I am in LOVE with it! Super speedy focusing and beautiful blurred backgrounds make me happy. Here are some shots I took while getting to know my new lens:

Do you have an SLR or DSLR? What’s your favorite lens to use?

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NY in Pictures

I am back from our trip! Did you miss me? 😉 We had an activity-packed week spending time with the boy’s extended family. It was like a mini family reunion. And by mini, I mean 13 people total, which doesn’t seem like much until you’re trying to coordinate everyone in the morning or get seated at a restaurant, haha. We went to a spa, and up a scenic overlook and to cute little lakeside towns, took a train further upstate for the views and shopping, spent time hanging around his uncle’s house, went to an apple orchard to pick apples […]

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Alaska Recap Part 3: Ketchikan & Victoria

What: 7-Day Alaska Cruise Who: Me, the Boy & certain members of the Boy’s family Warning: this is a photo-heavy post. 🙂 Ketchikan Our third port was Ketchikan. I think it was the largest of the Alaskan towns we saw. Here we abandoned all pretense of being rugged, outdoorsy types, and instead went all-out touristy. Our excursion for the day was a combo lumberjack show and totem pole collection tour. The lumberjack show was entertaining, if rigged. It was presented as a contest between two teams of lumberjacks – one from the US, one from Canada. Guess who won? Haha. […]

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Alaska Recap Part 2: Skagway & Juneau

What: 7-Day Alaska Cruise Who: Me, the Boy & certain members of the Boy’s family Warning: this is a photo-heavy post. 🙂 Skagway Our first stop was in Skagway, and I have to say I was not prepared for the size of this port. All of my previous cruise experience was in the Caribbean, where all of the ports were bustling cities. Skagway is the teensy tiny remnants of a mining town. It is literally 21 blocks long by 7 blocks wide, and would not exist without the tourism provided by the cruise ships. It was also our longest port […]

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Alaska Recap Part 1: Ship & Sea

What: 7-day Alaskan Cruise Who: Me, the Boy, and certain members of the Boy’s Family Our first two and half days of the cruise were spent at sea, making our way from Seattle up to the northernmost point of our route. Unless you feel like gambling or shopping non-stop, there’s not a whole lot to do on the at-sea days until the evening when the shows start. So we had plenty of time to wander around the ship, get pictures of the passing scenery, and watch the world go by through the windows during the day. And gorge on all […]

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Photo Fun

I give the cameraman some attitude.

We had a big ol’ photo shoot today, as I had some new items to add to the shop and also decided to re-photograph everything else in the shop in the beautiful fall sunshine. My boyfriend helped quite a bit (though he was grumbly when he had to be in front of the camera – boy does not like having his picture taken). So check out the shop, because it’s all new-looking and pretty. 😀 Here are some sample shots:

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