Shop Poll

Help me pick the next design for the shop! I have a few ideas roughly sketched out, thanks to last month’s craft shows where I was running solo but remembered to bring my sketchbook. But I thought it’d be fun to see what you guys thought I should focus on/clean up first. Here are the choices:

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June Book Club Poll – CLOSED

June Book Club Poll

Exciting word-smith related news! I found out last night that I made the 3rd and final round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge I posted about before – wahoo!! My assignment for the 2nd round was science fiction, with the Olympics and a personal trainer, and I had 3 days to write it. I’ll probably post it sometime next week if you want to read. This last round is down to just 25 people, and we have only 24 hours (this Saturday) to write our final story. I’ll find out Friday at midnight what the genre, etc. assignments are. […]

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May Book Club Poll – CLOSED

May Book Club Nominations

Blogger Book Club time! I’m stepping into Alyx’s shoes for a bit as an organizer, since her little girl arrives any day now. And it’s time to vote for what we’re going to be reading this month. The chosen genre is Classics, and the nominations are: The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American classic set in the 20’s and coming soon to the big screen. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of the more well-known Sherlock Holmes stories. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, known for its dynamic characters and timeless social commentary. 1984 […]

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Wedding Wear Poll

As mentioned earlier this week, I have a wedding to attend this weekend and no idea what to wear! So I’ve come up with a few outfit ideas, and I want to put it to the vote. So you guys need to chime in. Spring wedding, semi-formal/formal-ish. Both the wedding ceremony and reception are outdoors, in the evening. It’s supposed to be up to 78 that day, but festivities don’t start til 6, so it’ll be cooling off by then. Here are the choices: Wedding Guest Attire by dragonflight-dreams   #1) A dress with pockets (always good) of heavier material. […]

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Design Poll

Readers, today I’d like to pick your brains. I have too many ideas for the next print to develop for the shop, so I thought I’d ask your input. Keeping in mind that I still have lots of elephant prints planned, and will continue to print with my other screens as well: [merlic_poll id=”2394″] I haven’t had as much free time since getting back from vacation as I would’ve liked to devote to printing, but ideally there will be a new batch of things up in the shop this week. (Giveaway winners: I will also be printing your things this […]

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