Master Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been talking about painting rooms in the house for a few weeks now. I got sidelined for a little bit with my back being hurt, but this past week I finished up all of the little touches in the master suite. And today, I’m showing you our transformed master bedroom! A new paint job, new bedding, new switch plates, and new gallery walls, and I’m already loving the ‘new’ room. I’d still like to get some curtains – something light and breezy, semi-transparent – but that will come later. I went with all neutral, because we had a mix of browns and blacks already with furniture and some of the picture frames. This paint color is called ‘Rustic Taupe’ and it’s pretty much the perfect shade of gray. And a lot of those pieces in the gallery walls are simply fabric-covered shoe box lids – such simple and cheap decor. Take a look!















And of course, a picture of Sienna for good measure, because whenever I take photos indoors she’s always poking her nose around. 🙂 What’s behind those double doors, you ask? That’d be our master bathroom, which also got a makeover – stay tuned next week for that reveal!

What do you think? Have you ever tackled a room makeover where the room is already full of stuff?

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The Dragon Flies Free

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had access to a laser cutting machine for a brief while and asked our little coffee group if anyone had anything they wanted cut out of wood or metal or plastic. I had a few ideas pop into my head, but this was at the front of the line. I ran it by him, picked out a plank of oak, and a few days later he dropped this off: Yes! My dragon design in solid oak. He got a kick out of cutting out a dragon with a laser, and having it […]

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Dining Passport (Pinterest Challenge)

One of the projects I picked to try out for the Pinterest Challenge was a dining passport (see the original pin here). It wasn’t too heavy on materials: just a small Moleskine notebook I picked up at B&N, and some pens I already had. It was a little more effort-intensive figuring out the places to put into it. The original poster had just listed the name and address of the place, with a grading box for when it had been visited. Given Ian’s wonky work schedule, I thought having the hours of each place listed would be handy, too. And […]

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Craftily Saving a Swap

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to a clothing swap and was lucky enough to find a gorgeous dress in her size. She loved the dress…   …until she got it home and tried it on fully and noticed a problem.   She decided to salvage what she could of this garment and turn it into a shirt.   And so she did.   Any interesting items you’ve salvaged lately, readers?  

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DIY Coaster Photo Frames

This post originally appeared over at Easily Dunn as a guest post. Today I’ve got a simple but fun DIY for you. 🙂 Now, I don’t know how most people feel about coasters, but it’s one thing I can be a little OCD about. I hate water rings on tables, whether it’s a water-damagable table or not. So absorbent coasters are a must for me. Notice I specified ~absorbent~. I have never understood the point of glass or other sealed coasters, where the condensation just builds up and rolls off the edge onto the table anyway. Silly! A few years […]

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My Process

Create the design

For the curious out there, my screenprinting process is as follows: Step 1: Create the screen (or buy a pre-made one) For this, I just use a basic embroidery hoop in whatever size I need for the design, and stretch some gauzy white material through it until it’s taut like a drum. I got both the hoops and my screen fabric at JoAnn’s. I use blue painter’s tape around the inside of the hoop so that my filler paint and fabric inks don’t get the hoop itself all messy, since the screens get changed out (<—- bonus feature of making […]

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