Skydiving Without Parachutes

So this past weekend was the boy’s birthday, and one of my surprises for him was a visit to Austin’s indoor skydiving place, Austin iFly. Yup. Skydiving without parachutes, aka. floating on 165mph winds in a wind tunnel, aka. the closest to actual free flight we’ll ever get until humans evolve wings. And it was awesome!! WAY less scary than jumping out of a plane.

Picture proof:



Can you tell I’m loving it? Haha. 🙂

Video proof: Ian’s second flight (he’s in red), my second flight (I’m in blue) and the instructor doing a solo show-off flight. And no, there’s no sound (the DVD they gave us was video only, no audio).

If you get a chance to do this in Austin or one of the other cities iFly is in, I highly recommend it. My only complaint is that the flights seem so short.

Have you ever been skydiving, outdoor or indoor?

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