Friday Favorites: Songs

I’ve recently stumbled into Grooveshark, and thought today I’d share some of my favorite songs. This will probably be an ever-changing and constantly updated list. But right now it has some long-time favorites, and some current obsessions. I actually get to see one of these bands this weekend (Airborne Toxic Event)! Have a listen and enjoy. 🙂 Happy weekend!

Favorite Songs by Amanda Cobb on Grooveshark

Any music recommendations based off of this sample of my music taste? I’m all ears! (har har) 😉

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Friday Favorites: Addictive Songs

Music can be very powerful to me, but it seems like most of this last year I kind of let slide my appreciation and exploration of it. So the last few weeks I’ve tried to focus on discovering a lot of new music/bands, and re-discovering some old goodies that I hadn’t listened to in awhile. I gravitate towards meaningful, well-written lyrics; good vocals, and beautiful piano or guitar melodies. I’m the type that when I hit a favorite song, it might be on repeat 6 times in a row (ok, maybe 6 is an understatement). I’m also apparently a sucker […]

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