Friday Favorites

A sporadic series highlighting things I’m currently crushing on. Can be music, trends, places, businesses, etc. Anything is fair game.

Friday Favorites: Dotan

Thanks to the boy’s satellite radio, I can actually instantly know the band for a song that catches my attention while we’re driving somewhere. This happened with Home by Dotan the other week, and I promptly bought the album it came from on iTunes when we got home. And it’s been on repeat since then. Here’s a few of my favorites from the album 7 Layers:

Dotan by Amanda Cobb on Grooveshark

I checked out his previous album, too, but I think 7 Layers is better.

What’s caught your ear lately?

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Friday Favorites: True & Co

I assume most of my readers are ladies, and as such I’m going to share something with you today that I think we all could use. If you are, oh I don’t know, any kind of normal woman, bra shopping can be a pain in the tush. Particularly figuring out what bra size fits best, and not breaking the bank in the process. Well, there’s a new online service to help with all of that. It’s called True & Co, and it’s specifically for bras. I read about it in this article and decided to try it out. And I […]

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Friday Favorites: Tribal Prints

Remember how I used to not like mustard yellow, or corduroy, or ballet flats? This is another thing that falls under the category ‘never thought I’d like and now I totally do’. Tribal-inspired prints are everywhere this fall, and I’m loving it. So I rounded up a few of my favorites from the online shopping world to share with you folks. Clearly I like the black-and-white or more subdued color schemes with this kind of print (there were plenty of neon and color-clashy-eye-hurty options out there, if that’s your thing). I’m particularly eyeing the cardigan and jacket. Going Tribal by […]

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Friday Favorites: Front Porch Frozen Desserts

Front Porch Frozen Desserts

I’m not sure if you know this, readers, but I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. Like, ice cream is an acceptable meal and I have a candy dish in the living room and a chocolate stash at my desk and pretty much nothing is better than a good piece of pie or cake or brownie. I love Tiff’s Treats and Lick and many other dessert-centric places. I’m still mourning the loss of The Cookie Lounge, to be honest (a build-your-own cookie bar, and then you got it fresh from the oven and still warm and gooey. SO SAD when […]

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Friday Favorites: Songs

I’ve recently stumbled into Grooveshark, and thought today I’d share some of my favorite songs. This will probably be an ever-changing and constantly updated list. But right now it has some long-time favorites, and some current obsessions. I actually get to see one of these bands this weekend (Airborne Toxic Event)! Have a listen and enjoy. 🙂 Happy weekend! Favorite Songs by Amanda Cobb on Grooveshark Any music recommendations based off of this sample of my music taste? I’m all ears! (har har) 😉  

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Friday Favorites: Films for Thought

My range of movie-viewing is pretty wide. I’m equally happy watching a Bruce Willis action flick or a period drama or a romantic comedy or a quirky indie dramady. But I think my favorite are the type that are otherwise a normal storyline, but add just a little bit of weird/unreality with a pivotal What If question. And I thought I’d share some recent viewings that fall under this category, each of which I really enjoyed for different reasons. They are all what I like to call thinking movies. Not in a ‘ahh too much going on can’t keep track […]

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Friday Favorites: Modern Movie Musicals

Moulin Rouge

Music has always been a pretty big part of my life. I was in band. And choir. And took piano lessons for years and years. Near the end of high school and on into college, I also got into theater. These two interests met and merged and a love of dramatic musicals was born. The boy may wish it otherwise, but I have no problem sitting down to watch a movie where people randomly break into song or dance. Or one where it’s completely song and dance. He’s just lucky we don’t live near NYC, or I’d be dragging him […]

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