What I Wore: Blazers & Knots

This is what I wore today. I know I usually do these on Wednesday, but time & weather didn’t allow until now. Somehow, freakishly, the rainy, cold weather of the past week disappeared today and we got sunny in the 70’s. My kind of weather. 🙂

You haven’t really seen me in blazers too much on the blog yet, which is weird because I actually own (and wear) a few of them. So it’s about time. This is one of my favorites. It’s nice and light, but sharp looking. And it was perfect against all of the darker tones in the rest of the outfit.

Today was mostly work, with a break for errands and a doctor’s appointment. And apparently I was due for my tetanus shot, so that got sprung on me while I was there. I am NOT a fan of needles, if you didn’t know. It was relatively painless, though I always make a point not to look at the actual needle. We’ll see how the arm is feeling tomorrow; this is one of those shots that can make you sore/break out in a rash afterwards. Yay.

This weekend is cooking and coffee with friends and a housewarming at a different friend’s and some screenprinting and some down time. My kind of weekend. What have you got planned?

Colors: Teal, Dark Denim, White and Black

Shirt: the Jade to Love You Top from ModCloth
Blazer: white linen blazer from Charlotte Russe
Jeans: from Kohl’s
Shoes: by Rocketdog
Necklace: from Mama’s Nest Designs
Ring: I’ve owned this forever, I think from a street vendor in NYC
Sunglasses: Same as always.

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