What I Wore: Summer in December

Well, it almost didn’t happen, but I managed to squeeze in a What I Wore post for December. Yesterday was amazingly nice out – 71 degrees, sunny with blue skies. This is why I live in Texas. 🙂 It called for a summery outfit, and I went with a nice breezy dress and sandals. And I finally got a chance to wear my new peacock scarf that’s been sitting on the shelf for a few weeks. Granted, it only stayed in my hair for about 20 minutes because my hair just can’t hold on to things like this, but it’s the idea/effort that counts, right?

Tonight we’re heading to a fun low-key game night with some friends. I may have another outfit post depending on how dolled up I decide to get for NYE. But regardless: Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2012!

Green things and sandals in December!
All the little details

Colors: White, Burnt Orange, Rust Red, Turquoise

Dress: Terra Cotta Have It Dress from ModCloth
Shoes: Colin Stuart (via Victoria’s Secret)
Scarf: All Eyes on Me Scarf from ModCloth
Bracelet: I bought this in the Grand Caymans when we were there on our cruise in May.
Necklace: I’ve had this pendant forever, don’t remember where I got it. It used to be on a leather thong.
Earrings: Bought at a craft fair from local Austin jewelry maker, Gem Junkie

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Friday Favorites: Christmas Gifts

So, as you may have assumed, we survived the trip up north. Even better, the relationship with the boy survived exposure to teen Amanda geekdom and nosy family questions. 🙂 It was a good time. I got to see my sisters and mom, and a big chunk of the extended family. I got to see my newest 9-month old cousin and play with my other 3-year old cousin, who is ADORABLE and probably the happiest kid I’ve ever met. I really should have taken pictures; I was bad about that this trip. I’m hoping my aunt posts a bunch from […]

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Survey Meme

Hi! I’m back in Texas after surviving the frozen northlands. I’ll do a holiday round-up post tomorrow or the next day, because it was a good trip and there were a few epic gifts that need to be celebrated. But since I’m still playing catch-up on work, I’m just doing a quick, fun post today. I stole this from Caitlin’s blog. ——— What is your favorite book? This has always been an impossible question for me. I am an unabashed bookworm, and LOVE books. I’ll settle for listing some favorite authors, since picking a single book (or series, or author) […]

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Heading North

Tomorrow the boyfriend, puppy, and I embark on The Great Christmas Roadtrip of 2011. We are piling ourselves and all of our various suitcases, kennel/toys, and gifts into my car and hitting the 18-ish-hour road to Ohio. This will be an occasion on two fronts: 1) the boyfriend has somehow never yet been back to the northern ancestral home of his girlfriend in the 2.5 years we’ve been together, and 2) we’ve never done a roadtrip this long with the puppy this size (last uber long roadtrip with her was when she was a wee pup you could pick up […]

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Book Review: Midnight Never Come

Midnight Never Come By Marie Brennan “England flourishes under the hand of its Virgin Queen: Elizabeth, Gloriana, last and most powerful of the Tudor monarchs. But a great light casts a great shadow. In hidden catacombs beneath London, a second Queen holds court: Invidiana, ruler of faerie England, and a dark mirror to the glory above. In the thirty years since Elizabeth ascended her throne, fae and mortal politics have become inextricably entwined, in secret alliances and ruthless betrayals whose existence is suspected only by a few.” – back cover blurb Ok, I’ll be honest. When I started this book, […]

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Friday Favorites: Working from Home

This week’s Friday Favorite post will be a bit scanty, folks. I’ve been dealing with a bad head cold all week – the kind that leaves you exhausted just by standing up long enough to take a shower. But between the [lots of] napping, soups, citrus, and meds, I’ve still managed to keep on top of my freelance work, just by dint of working during the few energy bursts, and resting when I need to. This is just another example of why it rocks to work from home. I literally didn’t get out of pajamas all day yesterday, but still […]

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Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap

This year I participated in the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap hosted by Ilene of Much Love, Illy and Sandy of Sandy a la Mode. The swap was created to keep hands warm as winter approaches and the weather gets colder, and to be a way for bloggers to make new friends across the blog world. Swap packages were to include a pair of of gloves/mittens, and then any other items you thought your partner would like. The lovely hosts paired me up with Kenyé from Glow Kouture for this year’s swap. She’s a graphic designer like me, and runs […]

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