My Reverse Bucket List

Reverse Bucket List

I came across Erika’s post about a reverse bucket list through one of those internet rabbitholes you can’t really trace the path of afterwards. And the idea really struck me. You guys know I’m a fan of making goals lists. But I think it’s important to look back every once in awhile at all of the things you’ve already accomplished. Particularly if you’re stuck in a rut or feel like you aren’t/haven’t accomplished anything lately. So here are a bunch of things that might go on a bucket list, that I’ve already done. Feel free to make your own list and send me your link!

  • Live in a foreign country. (study abroad in Australia)
  • Visit Europe.
  • Visit Paris, London, Berlin, and Madrid.
  • See the Mona Lisa in person.
  • Go to a German Christmas market.
  • Visit Australia.
  • Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Visit Asia.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • See a glacier.
  • Go whale watching.
  • Plan & take a vacation entirely by myself. (Twice!)
  • Try online dating. (Spoiler: that worked out.)
  • Self-publish a book.
  • Attend Austin City Limits music festival.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • Visit NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago.
  • Visit all of the Great Lakes.
  • See Niagara Falls.
  • Learn a foreign language. (Spanish)
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Audition for and land a part in a play.
  • Direct a play.
  • Be a model for an art class.
  • Meet someone in-person you’ve only ever talked to online.
  • Go indoor skydiving.
  • Do a wine tasting at a vineyard.
  • Go up the Eiffel Tower.
  • Go up the St. Louis Arch.
  • See a show on Broadway.
  • See a show in Vegas.
  • See a West End show in London.
  • Have tapas in Spain.
  • Stay in a hostel.
  • Go camping for real (tent, build your own fire, cook over fire, etc.).
  • Learn to develop film & print photos in a darkroom.
  • Go kayaking on a river.
  • Go white water rafting.
  • Tour a castle.
  • Learn how to build a website.
  • Graduate college.
  • Be a bridesmaid.
  • Start a blog. Hi!
  • Open an Etsy shop and sell something to a non-family member.
  • Have a penpal.
  • Have a piece in a juried art exhibition.
  • Freelance in my field.
  • Learn to shoot a gun.
  • Adopt a dog.
  • Learn to play piano.
  • Go to a ball and waltz.
  • Attend a political rally/march in DC.
  • Go ziplining.
  • Successfully navigate a big city’s subway system.
  • Eat street food in a non-Western country.
  • Try sushi.
  • Join/start a book club.
  • Swim in/under a waterfall.
  • Buy a car on my own.
  • Paint a mural.
  • Have a job being on the radio.

There are twice that many things still on my actual bucket list, but this isn’t anything to sneeze at. I may be a tad apprehensive about the big 3-0 looming this year in comparison to where I thought I’d be life-wise, but coming up with the list makes me realize – hey, it’s not that bad. I’ve already accomplished a lot of cool things. 🙂

What’s on your reverse bucket list?


  1. You certainly have accomplished cool things!! My family just recently got to see the Mona Lisa in person–I was a tad jealous of them for that! I was inspired to write one of these because of Erika’s post, too!

  2. Wow! So many awesome things accomplished! I’m hoping to make my first venture out of the country in the next couple years. . .now it’s just figuring it where to go!

    1. Thank you! And yes, so many choices for international travel, it’s hard to pick where to start. Have fun, wherever you end up! 🙂