What I Wore: to the TxSC Blogger Conference

This past weekend was the 2013 Texas Style Council Conference. Speakers, staff, sponsors, volunteers and ~400 attendees gathered for 3 days of mingling, workshops and fun in downtown Austin. If you’ve been a blog follower for awhile, you may remember I attended this conference last year – my very first and very intimidating/overwhelming blog conference experience. I’m happy to say this year was a million times more fun and useful! Partly because I knew more what to expect and had been working on my shyness factor; partly because this year covered ALL SORTS of business/blog/DIY topics, not just fashion, and in a more interactive way (workshops instead of panels); and partly because this year was WAY less claustrophobic because the staff scored a great space. It might also have helped that it was bright and sunny and warm, not cold and rainy and March. What can I say, I’m a summer creature. 🙂

Anyway, today I’m doing a [photo-heavy] recap and What I Wore rolled into one. It’s pretty long, so catch the jump after this first photo.


Happy hour social and clothing/book swap.

Dress: Loft. Belt: off a skirt. Purse: Target. Shoes: Baker Beach Wedge from ModCloth. Necklace: ThreadSence.
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Come Say Hi at TxSC!

  This weekend I’ll be attending (and volunteering at!) the Texas Style Council conference. I’m pretty excited about it, and just a smidge nervous because, hello, introvert. But I went last year, so I know more what to expect, and know some girls attending, so it’s already that much less nerve-wracking. That being said, part of the reason behind going to a conference is to network and meet people, so please come say hi! I’ve been told by some now-close friends that I come off as a bit aloof upon first meeting, but that’s just my introverted-ness and suckiness at […]

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Bookish Confessions

I am linking up with April for the Book Blogger Challenge. Day 1 was 15 book-related confessions, and I’m a few days late, but here are my confessions: I think, if I made a pie chart of all the times I’ve cried in my life, the slice for those incidents caused by books would probably be the largest. Probably. Just from sheer number of times it’s happened over the years, not the intensity of any one time. I can get really attached to characters I love. I am a double-stacker on my bookshelves, out of necessity. So many books, never […]

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Meet Emily!

Today I’d like to introduce Emily, one of my lovely sponsors this month. She’s a fellow Austinite knee-deep in creative ventures. 🙂 Get to know her below and then go say hi!   Emily of Emerald City Go say hi: Shop | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest I started Emily Makes Art – the umbrella brand for my original art, stationery, jewelry and crafts – in Austin back in 2009. I have a deep passion for painting and drawing but feel just as drawn to jewelry making and other crafts. Originally from the Northeast, I’ve called Austin home […]

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Meet Niki!

Today I’d like to introduce Niki from Glossy Blonde, one of my lovely sponsors this month. She’s a sassy blonde dishing up style and sweets. 🙂 Get to know her below and then go say hi!   Niki Caron Go say hi: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Instagram Hi! I’m Niki. First, let me just say that Glossy Blonde refers to my deep love of lip gloss… and more obvious, the fact that I’m blonde. I’m just your average fashion and beauty addict who loves to bake (and eat). I deliver my honest thoughts, finds, […]

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December Sponsor Love


Come meet two of the lovely bloggers who are medium sponsors here this month! I’ve been glad to have them hanging out in my sidebar. 🙂 I asked them some fun questions (and answered them myself at the bottom). Be sure to go say hi! And if you’d like to secure your own spot for next month, head on over to my sponsor page for info & purchasing. Motivated Madison Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest Hey, I’m Madison! Motivated Madison is where I blog about life and all the dorky, silly things I come up with. Sometimes this […]

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Meet Kayleigh!

Today I’d like to introduce Kayleigh from The Way I Wanderlust, one of my lovely sponsors this month. She’s a world traveller extraordinaire, currently living the beach life in Australia (I know, I’m jealous, too). 🙂 Get to know her below and then go say hi!   Kayleigh Maryon Go say hi: Blog | Pinterest Hi! My name is Kayleigh. I was born in Germany, grew up in England until I was ten and then moved to Canada where I have lived on and off unless I was travelling. I spent 13 glorious months backpacking through Europe when I was […]

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