Master Bathroom Makeover

As promised last week, here is the new master bathroom with it’s mini makeover! New paint job, new towel rack hardware, new switch plates, and a new decor piece. This didn’t get as much of a makeover as the bedroom, as I didn’t get a new shower curtain or towels (yet), but it still feels like a new room. Take a look:







Yes, that’s carpet in our bathroom. I know, it’s weird. Whenever we get around to doing new floors, this is near the top of my list (right after the kitchen). But overall I love how the new color freshens things up. This shade of royal blue is just so pretty, and really makes the white seem brighter. But I have to say, this room was a PAIN to paint. Do you see all those doors? One to our walk-in closet, one to the separate toilet, one to the linen closet, and then the doors to the master bedroom. And each and every one of those had to be taped around – twice (once for the blue coat, once for the trim). I swear the taping took longer than anything else. But I love how it turned out.

What do you think of a darker blue for a bathroom?

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Master Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been talking about painting rooms in the house for a few weeks now. I got sidelined for a little bit with my back being hurt, but this past week I finished up all of the little touches in the master suite. And today, I’m showing you our transformed master bedroom! A new paint job, new bedding, new switch plates, and new gallery walls, and I’m already loving the ‘new’ room. I’d still like to get some curtains – something light and breezy, semi-transparent – but that will come later. I went with all neutral, because we had a mix […]

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New Look

New Design

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, but I have a good reason: I’ve been working on giving Dragonflight Dreams a makeover! If you’re following through a reader, click through to see the fresh new look. I kept a few elements from the old look (the textured paper at the top, the blue accent color, the swirls in the header), but I added some width and spacing for a more open feel. Overall, this will allow for wider images and a less cluttered appearance. And I also added in some purple and polka dots, because I […]

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