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Help me pick the next design for the shop! I have a few ideas roughly sketched out, thanks to last month’s craft shows where I was running solo but remembered to bring my sketchbook. But I thought it’d be fun to see what you guys thought I should focus on/clean up first. Here are the choices:

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New Design: Frangipani


A new design! Here’s the flower that I based it off of: And here’s my design: This is a frangipani flower, though you may also know it as plumeria. I had never encountered it before doing my study abroad in Australia, and then I fell in love with it. It’s still my favorite flower, both for appearance and for scent. This design took me a bit of a different route from my norm, very minimal. But still stylized and bold, so it still fits with my other designs. Right now I only have the customizable listing ready to go, but […]

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New Digital Prints

You may remember I opened a new digital shop not too long ago. I’ve been working on filling it up. Right now it’s mostly pre-made Etsy shop banners, and design services (including blog tweaks, if you need help). And while I’m still working on my first pre-made blog theme, I did debut another product line this past weekend that I’m really excited about. Introducing digitally illustrated prints! Here’s a look at a few that I’ve listed so far, so you can get a feel for the kind of thing you can expect from my digital prints:

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New Design: Seahorse

Seahorse design

The drawing bug finally hit me again this week, and I’ve actually got a couple of new designs for the shop sketched out. A few still need tweaking, but this one is ready to go. A seahorse! It’s actually based off of a sketch in an old sketchbook of mine, for a seahorse-shaped metal pendant design. A few adjustments and additions, and I like it! I think the style fits in well with the look of the rest of my shop, and who doesn’t like a seahorse? What do you think? What’s your favorite denizen of the ocean?

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Shop News

A few fun announcements for the shop today. 1. ALL of my designs are now available as custom art prints where you can choose the paper and ink colors for a completely customized piece. I figured out what standard sizes would work best for each design, made a nifty chart of all the available paper choices, and listed them all yesterday. So if you’ve been coveting one of my prints for your wall, it’s now easy to get. Go check them out.     2. I finalized the next design that will hit the shop, and will be making the […]

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Design Poll

Readers, today I’d like to pick your brains. I have too many ideas for the next print to develop for the shop, so I thought I’d ask your input. Keeping in mind that I still have lots of elephant prints planned, and will continue to print with my other screens as well: [merlic_poll id=”2394″] I haven’t had as much free time since getting back from vacation as I would’ve liked to devote to printing, but ideally there will be a new batch of things up in the shop this week. (Giveaway winners: I will also be printing your things this […]

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The Phoenix Design (for real this time)

Long-time readers may remember me mentioning the new phoenix design I’d come up with back in November, which I then promptly became unsatisfied with and put on a back burner. I tinkered with it off and on the past few months, never quite getting it to where I wanted. But, after this past weekend, I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY gotten the new phoenix design squared away. For real this time. No take-backs.   Now all that remains is for me to make the screen, and you’ll be seeing this design hit the shop. 🙂

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