Send Me Your Photos

Send me your photos.

I’m finally doing something I probably should have done as soon as I opened up my shop and had my first sale: a customer photo gallery. Because I love to see how my creations live out in the world! So now, if you send in a high-quality photo of yourself wearing the shirt you ordered, or your wall sporting the art print, I’ll add it to the customer gallery on Facebook & possibly feature it here on my blog. You’ll also be entered into a quaterly drawing for a free art print! Just email it to with the subject “DD Flies Free!” You can see the current gallery on Facebook here. Not too much there yet, but I’m hoping it grows. Since I’m starting this at an odd time of year (quarterly speaking) the first drawing will be the end of September. It will be a random drawing, not a contest for who submits the ‘best’ photo. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative if you want to. 🙂

So if you’ve ordered from Dragonflight Dreams in the past, or I sent you something as part of a gift or giveaway, send me your photos! I’d love to see what you’ve done – how you style one of my shirts, or how you fit my print into your home decor.

Have you ever sent in a photo to an indie shop you’ve supported before?

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Friday Favorites: Photography

Today I’m turning over the blog to Robin, summer sponsor and photographer extraordinaire. She’s put together a great Friday Favorites for you – enjoy!   Hi everyone, I’m Robin from Around the Island Photography, one of this summer’s sponsors here on Dragonflight Dreams – that’s my badge with the poppies that you see over on the right sidebar, and thanks to the magic of the internet clicking on it will magically zap you over to my etsy shop, where you can see a wide range of my fine art, travel and nature photography as well as all occasion greeting cards […]

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DIY Coaster Photo Frames

This post originally appeared over at Easily Dunn as a guest post. Today I’ve got a simple but fun DIY for you. 🙂 Now, I don’t know how most people feel about coasters, but it’s one thing I can be a little OCD about. I hate water rings on tables, whether it’s a water-damagable table or not. So absorbent coasters are a must for me. Notice I specified ~absorbent~. I have never understood the point of glass or other sealed coasters, where the condensation just builds up and rolls off the edge onto the table anyway. Silly! A few years […]

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Promo Shot

Dragonflight Apparel sponsor promo

Take a gander at the nifty promo shot that DA is putting out:   That’s me, chilling in the backyard with a DA Myst print shirt, skinny jeans, my favorite red sandals, and some impromptu backdrop drapery. What you can’t see is my mad dash between setting the self-timer on my camera, and getting into position. It took a few tries, for sure. But, some Instagram filtering and Photoshop work later, and voila, we have an ad!

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