What I Wore: White Pants Copycat


That’s me being a copycat on the left, and my inspiration on the left (original pin here). As part of my second Pinterest Challenge, I picked two outfits that I wanted to try my hand at recreating, and this is the first one I’ve tackled. I had pretty much the exact pieces needed for this recreation: olive v-neck, white skinnies (though mine are cords), and brown boots. There’s even a rare appearance of my hair down and not in an updo of some sort! I know. I’m just going crazy over here. I will say, I think it was a LOT windier for my photo shoot than my inspiration’s. Every other picture I took had me making a face because of hair blowing in my eye or mouth. The trials of a style blogger. 🙂 Anyway, I think this copycat was pretty spot-on, and it was comfortable, so yay all around.

In other news, I think I can safely say my back is back to 100%. After our couples massage this past weekend, the remaining stiffness is gone, which is awesome. I can move like normal again! Also, I made leggings in my sewing class last night and those need to make an appearance on the blog soon.

What do you think of this outfit? Do you do Pinterest copycats?






Colors: Olive Green, White, Dark Brown

Shirt: from Old Navy
Pants: from H&M
Boots: by White Mountain, from ideeli.
Necklace: by shop Petit Or on Etsy

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What I Wore: Cozy Neutrals

I don’t know if it’s all the planning for the all-neutral master bedroom that I’m doing right now, but I have been loving (and apparently living) the neutrals lately. As evidenced by this outfit. And you get indoor photos because it was not even 30 degrees when I took these yesterday and I don’t have that much dedication to style posts. 😉 This Aztec sweater has been my jam this winter. It is the coziest thing, perfect for curling up in. And the cream & black color scheme goes with pretty much everything. This look has been one of my […]

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What I Wore: Black Floral Skirt

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably heard me gush about my recent sewing classes at StitchLab (if you are in Austin, check them out). And with good reason, because through them I now know how to make a skirt. In fact, I made the skirt in this outfit post!! Lace trim and all, completely done by me. I am PUMPED about this new skill. I’ve already made another skirt (at home – unsupervised!) and have fabric to make a few more. It’s going to be a skirt craze over here for awhile. 😀 Luckily the weather has warmed […]

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What I Wore: Neutral Play

This is what I wore most of yesterday. I liked the play of different textures and neutral tones, and I like how these pictures turned out. I do not like the fact that about 3 hours after I took these, I was being plagued by a sort throat, increasingly stuffy head, and all the signs of impending sickdom. The lace shirt and sash and necklace got traded out for an old comfy sweatshirt. Much tea and Airborne were drunk. To no avail. Today I am in the full grip of the first cold of the winter, and I’m not liking […]

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Friday Favorites: Tribal Prints

Remember how I used to not like mustard yellow, or corduroy, or ballet flats? This is another thing that falls under the category ‘never thought I’d like and now I totally do’. Tribal-inspired prints are everywhere this fall, and I’m loving it. So I rounded up a few of my favorites from the online shopping world to share with you folks. Clearly I like the black-and-white or more subdued color schemes with this kind of print (there were plenty of neon and color-clashy-eye-hurty options out there, if that’s your thing). I’m particularly eyeing the cardigan and jacket. Going Tribal by […]

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What I Wore: Olive & Stripes

What? A new actual outfit post?! Try not to be too shocked, even though I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks. I just wasn’t feeling it for awhile, but now I’m back! So, down to business. I have been on a serious olive kick lately (the color, not the food – though I do like eating olives, too). And it’s mostly because of these pants. Guys, I am in love with these pants. And they’re corduroy. I used to hate corduroy when I was younger (just ask my mom). But they fit great, are warm and comfy, […]

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What I Wore: On Instagram

I don’t have an outfit post for you today. Between rainy weather and sensitive lady times, I was just not feeling it. ‘It’ being the whole ‘put together a cute outfit and brush your hair and haul the camera and tripod outside and take pictures for 20 minutes and hope some are usable’ thing. However, you may or may not be aware that I share close-up snippets of outfits pretty regularly on Instagram, under the #ootd tag (outfit of the day). There’s a tiny bit of overlap, but by and large the #ootd snippets are outfits that don’t make it […]

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