Friday Favorites: Tribal Prints

Remember how I used to not like mustard yellow, or corduroy, or ballet flats? This is another thing that falls under the category ‘never thought I’d like and now I totally do’. Tribal-inspired prints are everywhere this fall, and I’m loving it. So I rounded up a few of my favorites from the online shopping world to share with you folks. Clearly I like the black-and-white or more subdued color schemes with this kind of print (there were plenty of neon and color-clashy-eye-hurty options out there, if that’s your thing). I’m particularly eyeing the cardigan and jacket.

Going Tribal

What’s your take on tribal-inspired prints?

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What I Wore: Tribal to the Max

Small glimpse into the inner workings of my mind: I have been thinking of this dress as a tribal print, since the pattern has a sort of hand-drawn quality to it up close (see the detail shot farther down). So I named the post accordingly. Then I went to link to the dress below, and saw it was called ‘geometric’ print on the product listing. And there was this whole back and forth in my head as to whether that was just the store being PC or if I was wrong in filing the dress under the tribal category to […]

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What I Wore: Bleach Painted

This is what I wore yesterday. Well, at least for part of the day. I changed into jeans in the afternoon for a chiropractic appointment (because shorter skirts + adjustment table/traction table don’t mix well) and never got around to getting back into to the skirt. I blame a hectic day, because I really do love this skirt. It’s got pockets! And is super soft and drape-y, and billows when you spin. A+ all around. Also, I’ve been playing with bleach painting again. You many have seen this shirt on Instagram awhile back if you follow me on there. I’ve […]

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