Farewell, 2014!

Farewell 2014

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Accomplishments & Exciting Things

  • Got engaged!! And saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.
  • Branched out with my shop and did some in-person craft shows.
  • Donated to over 15 charities and causes, from part of my shop proceeds and just on my own.
  • Read over 100 new-to-me books.
  • Re-did the front flower beds and back porch pots, and have managed to keep all of the new plants alive so far.
  • Painted the master bedroom, master bathroom, and loft new colors.
  • Redesigned my freelance site & relaunched the freelance blog.
  • Started a newsletter for my shops.
  • Joined a book club and met a new group of fabulous ladies because of it.

Learning Experiences

  • While I’m glad I did the craft shows for the new experience, none of them ended up being a good investment of time or money for me.
  • I did not finish my TBR Pile challenge. In fact, not a single one of the books I picked for it got finished. Guess there’s a reason they’ve languished on the shelf so long; I’m not motivated to read those instead of newer things that catch my fancy.
  • While I did much better saving money and paying off debt this year than last year, I’m still not where I want to be on either front.
  • Similarly, while I did better exercising regularly this year, it still wasn’t to the level I aim for. Since I’ll need to fit into a wedding dress nicely sometime this next year, that goal is getting a kick in the pants to get moving!
  • The Dragonflight Digital shop got put on the back burner with all of the craft show craziness. Hoping to re-energize my efforts there for 2015.

Overall, it’s been a year of growth and pushing myself in new directions and just… striving towards change and betterment. With myself, my blog, and my various businesses. Here’s hoping 2015 continues in the same vein. 🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!

What’s your favorite memory from this past year? What do you hope for in 2015?