2016 Clear-Out Sale!

shop clearance

I’m still figuring out what I want to do with the Dragonflight Dreams screen printing shop this year. But I know one thing for sure: the one of a kind shirts need to go. They are great- bright and colorful, and an important step in my shop-running process. But they’re also taking up valuable shelf space and shop space. All of the OOAK shirts (tanks, tees, and long sleeve) have been marked down to sale prices. They are already printed and heat-set, so are ready to ship.

AND, as of today, you can take an additional 16% off with code DDCLEAR16.

Help me make room for new and exciting things to come in 2016!

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Shop News

Holiday Bazaar Postcard 2014

First and foremost, don’t forget you can find me this Saturday at the Rockin’ Around the Holiday Bazaar in Round Rock, TX. More details here, and you can RSVP/share the even here. I’d love to meet some of my blog readers and shop fans in person! You can print off this postcard and hand it in at the entrance to be entered for a door prize: Secondly, Annie’s Artist Lookbook did a wonderful surprise write-up on me and my shop, which you should go check out. Thanks, Annie! And last, if you haven’t already seen, holiday-themed items and stocking stuffer […]

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New Design: Feather

The newest design slated to be added to the Dragonflight Dreams shop repertoire: If I think about a feather as an important mythological element, two things come to mind. The first is Egyptian mythology, where the hearts of the dead were weighed against a feather on the scales of justice to judge their worthiness. If the heart was lighter than the feather, it meant it was free of sin and the person could then enter the afterlife. The other is from Russian folklore. In many tales, the glowing feather of a firebird is what sparks an epic quest, because a […]

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Busy Little Bee

Now that the craft show is past, I’ve been attending to a lot of the other to-do list items for my shop. First up, I’m finally getting photos of the made-to-order shirts on an actual person! Witness: Yeah, that’s just me wearing them. I never know what to do with my arms. I only have photos of the size mediums I had printed so far (note to self: always print a size medium for the example shots for made-to-order shirts), but I’ll get to the rest slowly and surely. Also, I did a big inventory and sorting of all of […]

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Austin Craft Riot Summer Show

If you’ve been around the blog awhile, you probably already know this as I’ve been talking about it for a few weeks. But this upcoming weekend is the annual Austin Craft Riot Summer Show. It’s got over 70 local handmade artisans and food trucks and kids activities and live music and a bar. And it’s inside in the air conditioning. And, most importantly, it’s my first major craft show and you should come. My booth will be right up front by the lobby – hard to miss! Here are the details: If you are an Austinite or just in town […]

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I have less than 3 weeks until my first major craft show. Can we just take a second for me to freak out? Haha. Only half kidding. I’ve met with the gal I’m sharing a booth with (hi, Rachel!) and she was both super sweet and super helpful, so for a little while I was less stressed about the whole thing. But now it’s creeping up and I’m getting all anxious again. And it’s not even like I haven’t been getting stuff done that needs to be done for it! I got my table skirt sorted this past weekend, and […]

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New Design: Frangipani


A new design! Here’s the flower that I based it off of: And here’s my design: This is a frangipani flower, though you may also know it as plumeria. I had never encountered it before doing my study abroad in Australia, and then I fell in love with it. It’s still my favorite flower, both for appearance and for scent. This design took me a bit of a different route from my norm, very minimal. But still stylized and bold, so it still fits with my other designs. Right now I only have the customizable listing ready to go, but […]

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