Latest Treasury: Wood-n’t You Know It

Just wanted to share my latest Etsy treasury, full of wonderful wooden things. Take a look at these goodies!

Wood-n’t You Know It

by dragonflightapparel
Wooden wonders.

Rustic Recipe Box


Wood Sculpture Wall…


tree art woodburnin…


Barnwood FRAME 4×6…


journal carved leaf…


Reclaimed Farm Wood…


Wood Bangle – Zebra…


Custom Bonsai Coffe…




Wooden Cup of Cherr…


Cherry Wood Bud Vas…


Curved Wine Bottle …


Petrified Peanut Wo…


Modern Wall Art, Ab…


Breathless Earrings…


Wooden beads and pu…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

You can check out my other Etsy treasuries here: Treasury lists by dragonflightapparel.

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Book Review: Dawnthief

Dawnthief (Chronicles of the Raven, Book 1) By James Barclay You’ll note in the above title, and on the book cover itself that this is Book 1 (the first) in a series titled Chronicles of the Raven (the Raven being the mercenary group the series revolves around). So you can imagine my surprise when, within the first 100 or so pages, 4 out of the 7 members of the Raven have been killed off. Yeah. And since the remaining members spend most of their time in those first 100 page mourning the death of their fellows, it’s a little hard […]

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Friday Favorites: Cuddly Puppies

I’m pretty low on energy today, and I think I’m getting sick. It would be nice to curl up in bed with my boyfriend, but he doesn’t get back from Korea for another week. Amazingly, our puppy Sienna (who is usually far too full of energy to cuddle for more than 5 minutes) has stepped up. She took a nap with me for a whole hour today! In honor of this milestone, cuddly puppies are today’s favorite.

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Book Review: The Masters of Solitude

The Masters of Solitude By Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin This was another relic (1978) unearthed on my bookshelves, remnant of a long-ago library sale shopping spree. The Masters of Solitude is a post-apocolyptic story about the divide between the two groups who have emerged since the disaster, and the attempt of one family to bridge that divide. In the book, some unspecified disaster occurred in the distant past. In its wake, humanity divided into two groups: those in The City who still possess advanced technology and have walled themselves off (literally and aggressively) from the rest of the world; and […]

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Right Now

Right now, I am… somehow already completely caught up on freelance work for the day. missing my boyfriend a lot. But only 11 more days until he’s back from Korea! thankful that it finally rained! frustrated with my puppy, who tracked mud all over the floor because she was too wound up to sit still and let me clean her paws before going into the rest of the house. still toying with the next design for DA, which is a phoenix. drinking cream soda, which is my new caffeinated/carbonated beverage of choice (sorry, Pepsi. We had a good run while it […]

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November Connections

This month I am honored to be sponsoring FIVE fabulous blogs once again! Look for the DA ad in the sidebars of these wonderful sites, and watch for their sponsor-themed giveaways/coupon codes to snag some DA swag. Pixie Mama Polly over at Pixie Mama is a fun lady blogging from North Wales about art, homemade crafts and food, life, motherhood, and pretty/inspiring things. Her shop is full of Bohemian-esque, vintage-inspired clothing and jewelry. You should check out her blog and follow her on Twitter: @pixie_polly After Nine to Five Ashley from After Nine to Five is the queen of self-employment, […]

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Friday Favorites: Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

So. You’re probably wondering: who is Sam Phillips? Up until a few months ago, I was unfamiliar with her name, if not her voice and music. If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls, then you have an idea of her sound, because she wrote and scored music for that show for 7 years. But her solo albums (at least the ones released since 2001) are an altogether different sort of treat. I’m a big fan of this lady singer-songwriter. Not only are her music and lyrics awesome, but her voice is actually in my register (low alto), so I can sing along! […]

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