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Friday Favorites: Sponsor Links


  Well, I had a group sponsor intro post slotted for today, but then a crazy thing happened – not a single ONE of my medium sponsors returned the questionnaire thing I sent out. Not a one! A bit flabbergasted and now lacking a post for today, I thought it’d still be good to showcase those sponsors in some way, even if wasn’t the cool intro feature I normally do. So today, I’ve giving you a link round-up of my… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Free Fonts


Most (if not all) designers are font junkies. I am no exception. The number of fonts I have installed on my computer can be measured in hundreds, not dozens. Free font sites make it so easy to feed that addiction. Today I thought I’d share with you some of my current favorite font freebies (follow the links to download).   Advert   Champagne & Limousines   Chicago House   Ephesis   Jellyka Bees Antique Handwriting   Kolibri   La Portenia… Read the rest ⇒

Recipe: Brown Chicken Curry


This is one of my absolute, all-time favorite meals. I always clean my plate (and am sometimes tempted to lick it clean), and leftovers disappear in a hurry over the next day or so. I used to have to go to an Asian market to find this curry sauce mix, but then my local grocery store started carrying it – happy day! I had a friend from Sri Lanka during my study abroad that used to make a dish almost… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: First Lines of Books

So I stumbled across this list of 100 Best First Lines of Novels awhile back, and it got me to thinking about some of the best first lines of books that I’ve come across. So I decided to do a little review of my own favorite first lines (though I fudged just a bit, and have included some first lines of chapters/sections, rather than first lines of whole books – but it’s my list, so who cares?). I’m not going… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Shabby Apple (Giveaway!)

Some of my favorite items. Images courtesy of {link url="http://www.shabbyapple.com" target="_blank"}Shabby Apple.{/link}

I have been a fan of today’s Friday Favorite for quite awhile now. Many of you are probably familiar with them as well, since the boutique is well-known for cute, fashionable apparel in a range of classic shapes. Yup, it’s Shabby Apple! I love how their product shoots all tell a story, instead of just showing the piece on a mannequin (though it is useful to see that, too). I also love their mission statement: “A return to what dresses… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Stripes


Aside from lace and polka dots, I’m also really loving stripes right now. Here are some pieces that have caught my eye in this trend: Stripes! by dragonflight-dreams I own a few of these, and LOVE them. If budget allowed, I’d snap all of them up, haha. Are you loving stripes right now, too? What are some of your favorite pieces? Thanks to everyone who stopped by for my blogiversary and entered my giveaway! The winners are: Large Ad Space… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Fantasy Badasses


I’ve been scrutinizing characters that I love lately, in order to improve my own writing. It’s made me realize that all of the fantasy characters whose series I’m addicted to are pretty bad-ass. I mean, they kind of have to be to survive in their worlds long enough to be a series rather than a standalone book, but that doesn’t make them any less bad-ass. They also all have some interesting personality quirks, a clue that part of the reason… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: True Opaque White


As a screenprinter, one of the trickiest things to do is print white ink on a dark fabric. Most regular white screenprinting inks are semi-transparent, which is fine for mixing with other colors and printing on lighter backgrounds. But for direct coverage on something like a black tee, a true opaque white ink is necessary. Oddly, this is a tad hard to find. The only fabric inks available at my local art supply store are Speedball brand. Speedball makes a… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Australia

Sydney Opera House

I know, I know. That’s a bit of a broad topic for a favorite, but bear with me. I did a study abroad there for 6 months during college, and recently a friend made on that trip was in town and it got me thinking and reminiscing and looking through photos. It’s hard to express just how much I LOVED my time over there. Suffice to say I was seriously considering not coming back to the States (obviously, I did)…. Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Storybook Cinema

Cannon Movie Tales

Yesterday I had a crazy blast from the past. I’m not even sure what brought it to mind, but I found myself doing an online search for the Storybook Cinema movie adaptations of classic fairytales that I loved as a kid. Also known as the Cannon Movie Tales. Did anyone else watch these? Live-action quirky versions of Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc. Rebecca De Mornay as Beauty, Christopher Walken as Puss in Boots? Anyone? Anyway, not… Read the rest ⇒