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Friday Favorites: Polka Dots

Polka Dots

I’m obsessed with polka dots lately, so today I thought I’d share my fav polka dot items. All of these are currently on my wishlist, just in case you’re wondering. And, you know, have cash burning a hole in your pocket. 😉 Dresses Polka Dot Dresses by dragonflight-dreams on Polyvore   Tops Polka Dot Tops by dragonflight-dreams on Polyvore   On Bottom Polka Dots on Bottom by dragonflight-dreams on Polyvore   What patterns are you loving lately? Also, don’t forget… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: TxSC!


This may be a bit premature to call a favorite, as I haven’t actually attended quite yet. But, judging by how excited (and a tad nervous) I am about this weekend, it should be pretty awesome. So, this week’s Friday Favorite is the Texas Style Council Blogger Conference (TxSC for short)! It kicks off tonight right here in Austin with a happy hour and clothing swap. I can’t wait to meet so many other blog ladies and see what everyone… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Taste of Austin


This past Wednesday was the annual Taste of Austin event. For those not in the know, it’s a big foodie event that showcases Austin-area restaurants and caterers. You buy a ticket to get in the door, and then you wander around the many different booths, getting samples of different signature foods from each place. It’s a great way to discover new places to eat out. I went last year with a group of friends and had so much fun. The… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: The Staves


Meet The Staves. This is one of my new favorite bands – beautiful voices and harmonies. They opened for The Civil Wars at the show I went to here in Austin, and I was instantly hooked. Now, normally, all-girl bands aren’t my thing. I tend towards more of the sensitive-guy-crooning-with-guitar/piano types when I’m looking for ear candy. But this is just so good. I’m anxiously awaiting a full album release, because the 3 songs on the EP can only be… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: ModCloth


I’ve been a fan of ModCloth for quite awhile now (as evidenced by frequent appearance of their items in my outfit posts), so I am very excited to announce that I’ve been selected as a 2012 Style Ambassador for ModCloth! In other words, I’ll be part of their stylist street team. What does that mean? Aside from telling people how awesome their site is (which I already do), I’ll be giving feedback on new site features, the user experience, customer care,… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Pinterest


Ladies and gentlemen, my latest addiction: Inspiration boards on color, style or event type. Wishlists that can span as many different sites and shops as you want. Yummy food recipes with delicious pictures. Funny things. Cute things. Pinterest has and is all of this, and more. I’m completely addicted. Also, I’m not sure how, as a designer, I didn’t come upon this sooner. It’s useful, and fun, and full of pretty things – in other words, right up my alley…. Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Mmmchiladas


Today’s recipe brought to you by my Mexican-food-loving boyfriend, Ian, who has gotten me addicted to it as well (probably a good thing, since we are in Texas and all). He’s the stud you’ll see assembling things in the pics below. These are simple and delicious. And I call them Mmmchiladas instead of plain enchiladas because they are that yummy. Just a warning, declaring it to be Mmmchilada night may inspire silly dancing and co-opting of show tunes with lyrics… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Sister Time!

Good and windy times on the beach in Florida

My lil’ sis is coming to visit this weekend! She’s been a mere 2 hours away since August, but since her life has been signed over to the USAF, her free time has generally not been her own, and so I’ve only seen her twice here in Texas. But this weekend she has a 3-day weekend off, and is coming up to Austin to visit! 😀 More correctly, I’m driving down to Lackland AFB to pick her up and then… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Addictive Songs


Music can be very powerful to me, but it seems like most of this last year I kind of let slide my appreciation and exploration of it. So the last few weeks I’ve tried to focus on discovering a lot of new music/bands, and re-discovering some old goodies that I hadn’t listened to in awhile. I gravitate towards meaningful, well-written lyrics; good vocals, and beautiful piano or guitar melodies. I’m the type that when I hit a favorite song, it… Read the rest ⇒

Friday Favorites: Christmas Gifts

My booksafe, and the readable copy. :)

So, as you may have assumed, we survived the trip up north. Even better, the relationship with the boy survived exposure to teen Amanda geekdom and nosy family questions. It was a good time. I got to see my sisters and mom, and a big chunk of the extended family. I got to see my newest 9-month old cousin and play with my other 3-year old cousin, who is ADORABLE and probably the happiest kid I’ve ever met. I really… Read the rest ⇒