What I Wore: White Pants Copycat


That’s me being a copycat on the left, and my inspiration on the left (original pin here). As part of my second Pinterest Challenge, I picked two outfits that I wanted to try my hand at recreating, and this is the first one I’ve tackled. I had pretty much the exact pieces needed for this recreation: olive v-neck, white skinnies (though mine are cords), and brown boots. There’s even a rare appearance of my hair down and not in an updo of some sort! I know. I’m just going crazy over here. I will say, I think it was a LOT windier for my photo shoot than my inspiration’s. Every other picture I took had me making a face because of hair blowing in my eye or mouth. The trials of a style blogger. 🙂 Anyway, I think this copycat was pretty spot-on, and it was comfortable, so yay all around.

In other news, I think I can safely say my back is back to 100%. After our couples massage this past weekend, the remaining stiffness is gone, which is awesome. I can move like normal again! Also, I made leggings in my sewing class last night and those need to make an appearance on the blog soon.

What do you think of this outfit? Do you do Pinterest copycats?






Colors: Olive Green, White, Dark Brown

Shirt: from Old Navy
Pants: from H&M
Boots: by White Mountain, from ideeli.
Necklace: by shop Petit Or on Etsy

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What I Wore: Olive & Stripes

What? A new actual outfit post?! Try not to be too shocked, even though I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks. I just wasn’t feeling it for awhile, but now I’m back! So, down to business. I have been on a serious olive kick lately (the color, not the food – though I do like eating olives, too). And it’s mostly because of these pants. Guys, I am in love with these pants. And they’re corduroy. I used to hate corduroy when I was younger (just ask my mom). But they fit great, are warm and comfy, […]

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What I Wore: Navy Dots & Olive

Cue dramatic lighting! Haha. I took these pictures pretty late in the day compared to when I normally shoot, and the light was all slanty and golden. Yes, I know – that’s why photographers call it the golden hour. I’ve just usually got something else on my plate at that time of day (literally or figuratively). Anyway, I like how they turned out. And I like this outfit. The cami is one of my favorites, and the skirt is so soft. Love them. This outfit almost didn’t happen, because when I put the skirt on (on Monday) I noticed that […]

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What I Wore: Black & Green

This is what I’m wearing today. An easy summer outfit – cute tank or shirt, shorts, sandals or wedges, and a hat. It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but the front of the tank is lace, which I think adds a nice detail. Also, the more I wear this hat, the more I love it. I’m becoming a hat person – who knew? 🙂 Not much in the way of news since yesterday. Work as normal. Still printing up a storm in anticipation of next weekend’s craft party. Still trying to plan my outfits for the conference this weekend. […]

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What I Wore: Aztec & Olive

I’ve been getting more and more into patterns and prints. A few years ago, if you had looked in my closet, you would’ve seen mostly an unbroken line of solid colors. Now you’d find all sorts of stuff: polka dots, stripes, florals, geometrics (but not really any animal prints – not a huge fan of those). Even Aztec-inspired pieces like this tunic. It’s a bit reminiscent of an 80’s pattern, but I think just updated enough to avoid direct reference. I love it. It’s super comfortable, and the cream-and-faded-black combo pretty much goes with anything. I chose to pair it […]

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What I Wore: Olive & Navy (Pinterest Challenge)

That’s me being a copycat on the left, and my inspiration on the left (Anna from Mungolife). As part of the Pinterest Challenge, I picked two outfits that I wanted to try my hand at recreating, and this is the first one I tackled. You can see the original pin here. I substituted a big necklace instead of a big scarf, since I didn’t have a scarf that would fit this color scheme and would’ve sweltered in it anyway (it got up to 78 yesterday!). And obviously I had to put my own spin on it with specific item choices. […]

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What I Wore: Suburban Safari

Not much to say today. I’m tired and work came piling in this morning. This post barely happened. That said, this was a pretty comfy outfit for working from home and running some errands. I like the olive & mustard combo, and I like these black boots. Good things all. How is your mid-week going? Colors: Pale Olive, Mustard, Ecru, Black Button-Up: by Passport, from the base exchange at Lackland AFB Shirt: from Target Belt: from Forever 21 Pants: by Bianco Denim, from Ideeli Boots: Alize Boot by Report, from HauteLook Necklace: from Mama’s Nest Designs Ring: from Another World […]

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