Right Now…

Right now, I am…

still slogging through all of the photos from Alaska. Recap post(s) will probably be this weekend/Monday. Got some good ones, though!

in disbelief that tomorrow is already June. 8-| On the upside, that means it’s my 1 year blogiversary! Stay tuned tomorrow for a big thank-you giveaway from yours truly.

hungry. Ian’s first day back at work after vacation = he is still not home at 8:30pm = no dinner yet. I think I shall have to snack. *eyes guacamole & chips*

excited to get back to screenprinting – hopefully tomorrow, definitely this weekend. Now that I’ve got a reliable elephant screen (I had to go back to hand-painting; the photo emulsion screens just printed messy) there will be a lot more options with that design.

amazed at how many emails accumulate from being disconnected from internet for a week. Yeesh. After yesterday and today I’m mostly caught up, though.

relieved to have a month with no big social plans. Is that backwards? It just seems like we’ve either travelled ourselves or had company at our place every single month for awhile. I’m looking forward to the start of summer with lots of open weekends. 😀

debating dragging the boy to see Snow White & the Huntsman this weekend.

waiting on books from the library that I am impatient for: 2nd Hunger Games book, 2nd Divergent book, and 1st 50 Shades book.

partway through season 3 of Fringe, and am still loving it.

sad that Castle, NCIS, and NCIS:LA don’t come back with new seasons for awhile. Luckily White Collar comes back in July (still far away). Anyone know when the next season of Project Runway is supposed to be?

wearing shorts because I’m just so glad to be back in a warm climate. Soaking it in!

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Back on the Mainland

I’m back! Alaska was just as pretty as I’d expected, if a tad colder/rainy-er than I’d hoped. I’ll have pictures and recap stuff soon, but today I’m just recovering. Our flight back from Seattle didn’t get in until after midnight last night, and this girl is tuckered out. I hope all of you had a fabulous week, and I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow! 🙂

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Send Something Good: The Package

This spring I participated in a gift swap called Send Something Good (much more popular than it’s lesser-known counterpart, Send Something Mediocre 😉 ). It’s run by Gentri, Kristy and Kaitlyn. It was a mystery swap, so the person you were sending a gift package to was not the same person you were getting one from – quite fun! We each did a get-to-know us likes & dislikes post awhile back so our mystery person could get some idea of what to send. This is the package I sent off to my assigned blogger, Elisha: The person assigned to send […]

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99 Things

Stealing this list/meme from Emma’s blog. I’m guessing the full name of the list is “99 Things to Do Before You Die” since it seems like a bucket list type of deal. 52 out of 99 isn’t bad for not even being 30 yet, I think. 🙂 1. Started your own blog – um, hi. You’re here. So yes. 2. Slept under the stars – Yup. Though I highly recommend a tent to counteract the bug factor. 3. Played in a band – I played flute in the school band, and also pit percussion during marching season. 4. Visited Hawaii […]

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Friday Favorites: Fantasy Badasses

I’ve been scrutinizing characters that I love lately, in order to improve my own writing. It’s made me realize that all of the fantasy characters whose series I’m addicted to are pretty bad-ass. I mean, they kind of have to be to survive in their worlds long enough to be a series rather than a standalone book, but that doesn’t make them any less bad-ass. They also all have some interesting personality quirks, a clue that part of the reason they are so lovable is because of the depth their authors imparted them with. So I thought I’d compile a […]

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Recipe: Round Steak Sauerbraten

This originally appeared as a guest post over at This Enchanted Pixie. Slow cookers are one of the easiest ways to make a tasty meal, and are especially handy for those days when you know you’re going to have a jam-packed evening with no time to cook dinner. This particular recipe is very low on prep time in the morning, but ends up delicious by the evening. Round Steak Sauerbraten   Ingredients 1 envelope brown gravy mix 2 Tbsp plus 1.5 tsp brown sugar 2.5 cups cold water, divided 1 cup chopped onion 2 Tbsp white vinegar 2 tsp Worcestershire […]

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Meet Fun People Here!

You may have noticed these lovelies gracing my sidebar this past month. Get to know them a bit more below, and go check out their respective web homes! 🙂 Elf House Chronicles Blog | Twitter | Facebook Fiance to my own Prince Charming (getting married July 21). Full time Step-mom to four wonderful, yet sometimes wild and unruly, step-kids. Mommy to 3 precious fur babies. Learning to navigate life as a new Mom and soon to be new wife and having a lot of fun along the way!   What is your go-to comfort food? Right now it’s ice cream. […]

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