What I Wore: Black Floral Skirt



If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably heard me gush about my recent sewing classes at StitchLab (if you are in Austin, check them out). And with good reason, because through them I now know how to make a skirt. In fact, I made the skirt in this outfit post!! Lace trim and all, completely done by me. I am PUMPED about this new skill. I’ve already made another skirt (at home – unsupervised!) and have fabric to make a few more. It’s going to be a skirt craze over here for awhile. 😀

Luckily the weather has warmed up enough the past few days to make outdoor photo shoots possible. I’m pretty dedicated to this blog, but not to the point of doing photo shoots in 30 degree weather. I don’t know how you northern folk – especially you Canadians! – do it. As the boy likes to say, I’m a delicate flower. Cold is not my friend 😉

Have you ever made your own clothing?










Colors: Black, Grey, Bright Red, Mustard, Light Tan.

Skirt: I made it!!! Not sure there’s enough exclamation points to convey how excited I am about that.
Shirt: Target
Scarf: Forever 21
Jacket: by Bernardo from Ideeli
Boots: Report Alize Boot from HauteLook
Necklace: from Etsy shop Petit Or
Bracelet: from a now-closed Etsy shop
Ring: from a Ren faire

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What I Wore: Neutral Play

This is what I wore most of yesterday. I liked the play of different textures and neutral tones, and I like how these pictures turned out. I do not like the fact that about 3 hours after I took these, I was being plagued by a sort throat, increasingly stuffy head, and all the signs of impending sickdom. The lace shirt and sash and necklace got traded out for an old comfy sweatshirt. Much tea and Airborne were drunk. To no avail. Today I am in the full grip of the first cold of the winter, and I’m not liking […]

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What I Wore: Wine & Cream

This month, I am (sporadically) participating in Blogtember with Jenni. The prompt for today was a ‘only photos.’ Appropriate for Wednesday style posts, no? So here are some pics I snapped this morning. Skirt: Victoria’s Secret; Shirt: H&M; Necklace: Etsy; Rings: various; Belt: off another dress; Shoes: Blowfish Shoes. Also linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Transatlantic Blonde, Kiwi Women’s Style, Style Elixir, Because Shanna Said So, Lena B Actually, and Two Thirty-Five Designs.

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What I Wore: Black & Green

This is what I’m wearing today. An easy summer outfit – cute tank or shirt, shorts, sandals or wedges, and a hat. It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but the front of the tank is lace, which I think adds a nice detail. Also, the more I wear this hat, the more I love it. I’m becoming a hat person – who knew? 🙂 Not much in the way of news since yesterday. Work as normal. Still printing up a storm in anticipation of next weekend’s craft party. Still trying to plan my outfits for the conference this weekend. […]

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What I Wore: Black Lace & Mint

Hey all. A little late to the game today because I couldn’t be bothered to take outfit pictures yesterday. So this is what I wearing right now. Minty fresh, no? I love these printed jeans, and this cardi is seriously the softest thing. Cozy all around. Oh, and this is my new hairdo. Not the best pics because it was windy and kept blowing in my face, but it gives you an idea. I should’ve taken a before pic before heading out Monday, just so you could see the drastic change. Ah well. I like it. It seems to be […]

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What I Wore: Black Scallops

  This is what I’m wearing today. And it’s only 37 degrees outside, and I’m not that dedicated to outfit posts, so indoor shots are the name of the game. They didn’t turn out too badly, I think, though honestly I didn’t spend much time on them. Normally I like to get the What I Wore features ready ahead of time for Wednesday postings, but between holidays and Ian being sick and nasty wet weather here lately, it just didn’t happen this week. But anyway! This sweater. I LOVE it. It is cozy and soft and pretty, and I love […]

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What I Wore: Minty Fresh

A further venture into the colored denim world: mint jeans! These were admittedly less scary than the bright red ones, and way easier to find things to pair with. I like ’em. This is what I wore yesterday (my blogiversary!) around the house and out to run errands. It combines some of my favorite things: these shoes, skinny jeans, polka dots, and… Lace! Betcha didn’t see that coming. Normally I hate any part of my bra showing, but I’ll make an exception for a shirt like this (or wear a blazer over it, as I’ve done in a few non-photo’d […]

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