What I Wore: Navy Dots & Olive


Cue dramatic lighting! Haha. I took these pictures pretty late in the day compared to when I normally shoot, and the light was all slanty and golden. Yes, I know – that’s why photographers call it the golden hour. I’ve just usually got something else on my plate at that time of day (literally or figuratively). Anyway, I like how they turned out. And I like this outfit. The cami is one of my favorites, and the skirt is so soft. Love them.

This outfit almost didn’t happen, because when I put the skirt on (on Monday) I noticed that a grease spot from cooking hadn’t come out in the wash. So I took to the Google, and learned a handy tip: dish soap + grease spot on clothing = gone! Seriously. So simple, yet I probably wouldn’t have thought of it. Just rub some dish soap in/around the stain, rinse, and then put in the washer like normal. Ta-da! I actually wore this same outfit but with a grey skirt on Monday since the green one was being de-greased. What? Like you don’t do that.

Yesterday was coding frenzy for a client followed by a much-needed happy hour. I got to meet up with Kelly and Melissa for the first time, and tried a prickly pear margarita for the first time. Both experiences were a plus. 🙂 And when I got home, I found out that Ian doesn’t have to do late shift the rest of the week – he’s back to normal today! Which means date night is on for tonight, woohoo!

What’s your favorite time to shoot photos? Any oh-so-obvious-but-not stain removing tricks?






Colors: Navy, Olive, White and Brass

Tank: LOFT
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Blowfish Shoes
Necklace: Clyde’s Rebirth
Rings: one from a now-closed Etsy, one from a ren faire

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What I Wore: Olive & Navy (Pinterest Challenge)

That’s me being a copycat on the left, and my inspiration on the left (Anna from Mungolife). As part of the Pinterest Challenge, I picked two outfits that I wanted to try my hand at recreating, and this is the first one I tackled. You can see the original pin here. I substituted a big necklace instead of a big scarf, since I didn’t have a scarf that would fit this color scheme and would’ve sweltered in it anyway (it got up to 78 yesterday!). And obviously I had to put my own spin on it with specific item choices. […]

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What I Wore: Phoenix & Dots

  Also known as the outfit post where I don’t look at the camera once. I swear, I’m not trying to be pretentious. I took a bunch of pics with me looking at the camera, I just didn’t like how they turned out. Or at least not as much as these ones. But anyway… This is what I wore on Monday, and I love how this outfit came together. I was looking for a new way to wear this phoenix shirt, since it’s one of my favorites. I’ve worn it with regular bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, and a grey maxi […]

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What I Wore: Mustard & Dots

  Hello lovelies! I hope your respective weeks are going well. Mine definitely is. That cold front that came through over the weekend had me worried, but then today it was back in the 80’s. Whew! I’m not quite ready for bundling up yet. We’ve moved back to A/C running instead of heat. This outfit was almost too warm to be wearing outside. I knew I wanted to wear my mustard skinnies today, and while looking for a shirt came upon this polka dot button up I got in a swap awhile back and had completely forgotten about. Kismet! I […]

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What I Wore: Polka Dot Lounging

  Yes, that’s right. My polka dot obsession has reached a new high – polka dot denim shorts! Found these at Kohl’s the other week, and fell in love. They’re lightweight, a great color combo, the perfect length… it was meant to be. And, um, related to that, welcome to my legs. I know I just said the other day I have issues with my legs and so likely wouldn’t be posting pics of me in shorts, etc. Obviously these shorts were so awesome I had to judiciously choose which pics to post break that taboo. And play with filters […]

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What I Wore: the 4th

Today is not only our nation’s birthday (happy 4th!), but also the birthday of my little furkid. Happy 2nd birthday, Sienna! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the bits of bacon last night, and the peanut butter goodies and new toy you get today.   My version of red, white, and blue. I’m not usually one to color coordinate with holidays, but I just recently got this dress in a swap and thought it was perfect for the occasion. Color AND weather appropriate, and a nice length as well. So this is what I’m wearing around today as we spoil our […]

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Mini What I Wore: to the Symphony

Last night was a fun outing to dinner and then the geeky-but-awesome Zelda Symphony with some friends. I was all excited about this outfit, and had planned to get some outfit post pictures with my trusty Nikon and tripod before heading out. I had it all set up, hit the remote to take the first picture, and heard the camera turn off. D’oh. Dead battery. There wasn’t enough time to charge it before I had to head out, and Ian was heading straight downtown from work, so I had to just snap some quick pics myself with my iPhone. They […]

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