October Pretties

My latest monthly-themed Etsy treasury. Jewelry for the October babies – birthstones (opal and tourmaline), zodiacs (libra and scorpio) and flower (marigold). I’m eyeing all the opal pieces, personally.

October Jewelry

by dragonflight dreams

Libra Constellation…


Boulder Opal Smokey…


Handmade Scorpio As…


Marigold: antiqued …


Opal Ring- Silver O…


Flower Locket Neckl…


Leather Bracelet Li…


October Birthstone,…


zodiac heart locket…


Pink Tourmaline and…


Forged Opal Earring…


Marigold Earrings. …


14k Solid Gold Ethi…


Scorpio Zodiac Cons…


Pink Tourmaline Cub…


Leather Wrap Bracel…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

As this is my birthday month, it wouldn’t be wildly inappropriate to buy myself one of these. Right? Right.

This weekend has been fun – good mix of low-key and out being social. Tomorrow begins the Ian-has-several-days-off birthday staycation extravaganza. I’m pretty pumped about it. 😀 What have you all been up to?

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Friday Favorites: Mustard

Well, the day has come. I never thought it would, but it has. I actually like a shade of yellow. Not just tolerate-like, but actively, enthusiastically-like. Mustard yellow is now a prominent color in my wardrobe. You can see me sporting it here, and I know I’ve worn it at least twice since then, too (with some of the items in the mix-up below, even). It’s a great color to mix-and-match with, and a very autumn-appropriate color. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces in this dusky gold hue: Mustard by dragonflight-dreams   For the record, […]

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Recipe Guest Post: Caramel Apples

Today I’m turning over the blog to one of my wonderful sponsors this month, Kassi! Her and her sister blog over at Truly Lovely, and today she’s sharing a perfect-for-fall treat. Read on, and then go say hi over at her place or on Twitter!   Hi there! I’m Kassi and I am thrilled to be here guest posting for the lovely Amanda! That’s me on the right. Kayli, on the left, is my sister and together we blog at Truly Lovely. On any given day you might find a craft tutorial, a recipe, a random story… On Fridays you’ll […]

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What I Wore: Forest Chambray

  So named because of the forest green of this dress and the chambray top over it, of course. Not because it’s particularly appropriate for frolicking in a forest (though I don’t think it’d fare too badly). This is what I wore on Monday. It was a day for errands, house chores, and a bit of work (not too much of this last, actually – it was a slow day). The comfy dress + knotted top combo has become one of my staples, I think. It’s so easy, yet still comfy and put-together looking. And yes. This necklace, again. Because […]

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Tuesday 10: Pet Peeves

Linking up for the Tuesday 10 with Lena! This week’s theme was pet peeves, so here are 10 things that tick me off: Bad drivers. Particularly people who don’t use their turn signals but still expect to be let into my lane, and people who cut me off. Having a client call me on the phone and take up 15 minutes of my time with small talk for something trivial and simple that they could have put in an email in like 1 minute, and I could’ve read the email AND done whatever the trivial thing was in the time […]

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The Importance of Date Night

This originally appeared as a guest post over on The Observant Turtle.     There comes a point in most long-term relationships where the romance starts to fade. Not the love; one would hope if you’re sticking around there’s no problem on the love front. But at some point the excitement and conscious awareness of that love (aka. the romance) moves into the background. It becomes everyday. You’re used to it, you’re comfortable with it. For my boyfriend and I, this started to happen after we moved in together. We’ve been together over 3 years now, and the moving-in happened […]

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Book Review: The Witch’s Daughter

The Witch's Daughter

The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston In Wessex, England in 1628, Bess Hawksmith’s mother is tried and hung as a witch. Poor and alone in the world, the only hope Bess has of surviving the lynch mob that will focus on her next is to become a witch herself. That means making a bargain with the mysterious and dangerous warlock, Gideon Masters. The price of that bargain and the choice to accept a witch’s powers come to haunt Bess through the decades, all the way to modern times where Bess finds an unexpected apprentice. The story alternates between first-person journal […]

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